Med migrant crisis shows urgent need for border controls to ensure security

Published Jun 07, 2015

The crisis of migration across the Mediterranean has become a predictable nightmare", said Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader today.

Mr Farage was speaking after the captain of HMS Bulwark, which is leading the UK response to the crisis, Captain Nick Cooke-Priest has stated that up to half a million migrants are being prepared to cross the Mediterranean.

Mr Farage is asking the government to tell us what assurances it can give us that Islamic State terrorists aren't able to get EU passports and come to Britain.

"When I first mentioned the likelihood that allies of the Islamic State were going to use the humanitarian crisis as a way to get their operatives into mainland Europe, few others were talking about the possibility.

"Since then senior defence analysts, and even the Government of Libya, have confirmed my fears. Worse still, with so many European nationals now fighting with Isis, these people will know how they can attempt to exploit the system. Isis itself has signaled that it is sending people to our shores, and we had better believe that they are serious.

"If we are not serious about this threat, if we cannot see what may be coming we are failing our citizens entirely. At the very least this highlights the dangers of our involvement in the EU's putative Common Asylum system, and the fact that the Navy is dropping off the people it saves in Italy is no guarantee that the people will stay there.

"Only this week, the Spanish authorities revealed that only 7.7% of Syrian asylum seekers that arrived in Spain in 2014 stayed in Spain, a full 93.3% traveled north, into the rest of Europe with Britain, Germany and Sweden as there most likely destination", said Farage.

"This situation once again demonstrates the potential dangers of a Britain that does not have control of its own borders."

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