Meet UKIP's new Leader

Published Sep 23, 2016

20160916_141546.jpgThis week we have been inundated with emails from UKIP members all over the country asking for more information about our new Party Leader. We hope you will find the following useful!

Diane James is a member of the European Parliament for South East England and Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). Diane brings leadership skills and experience of a career that spans over 30 years in the healthcare arena to both these roles. Initially trained as a business analyst, then specialising in healthcare strategy development, innovation and business transformation, Diane understands that elected representatives need to be held accountable.

During the 2015 general election Diane was a principal spokesperson for UKIP across the media. She also played a prominent role campaigning for Brexit on national and international radio and television in the recent referendum in the UK on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union.

Diane enjoys fitness, dance, antiques and travel, and speaks French and German.

Diane’s website
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