MEP backs NFU campaign on glyphosate

Published Mar 14, 2017

Roger_helmer_NFU_visit_3.jpgEast Midlands MEP Roger Helmer has backed calls not to ban the vital herbicide glyphosate. The NFU is actively campaigning on the issue – fearing it could be banned by EU chiefs.

It said the active substance glyphosate, used in gardens up and down the country as Round-Up, should be re-authorised by the European Commission by the end of the year.

Germany has been made responsible for the evaluation and has recommended full re-authorisation for 15 years. This should have happened by the end of June 2016, but the whole process has become politicised and stalled.

The NFU said there is every suggestion that this may happen again as we get closer to the end of 2017.

Mr Helmer visited a site in South Holland, Lincolnshire, last week, (March 10) and stressed the importance of the substance to agriculture.

He said: “In the pictures you can see me handling ‘black grass’. If the EU bans glyphosate it will do huge damage to agriculture, here in Lincolnshire.

“Ban it and we will end up importing vegetables and grain and undermining UK agriculture in the process. In fact, we will probably end up importing vegetables which will have had glyphosate used anyway.”

He urged individual farmers to join the NFU campaign by writing to their MPs and MEPs and stressing the importance of the substance.

People can visit the NFU website and pledge their support here.  


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