MEPs slam EU session that was over in time it takes to boil an egg


UKIP MEPs Bill Etheridge and James Carver have today blasted EU bureaucrats after the Parliamentary session was concluded in the time it takes to boil an egg.

In only their third day, the newly-elected MEPs launched a stinging attack.

Bill Etheridge said: "I was shocked and disgusted to hear the President of the European Parliament conclude the day's session of the European Parliament after no more than three minutes. What a shocking display of waste and vanity.

"I regard this as daylight robbery. It is essentially theft from the taxpayer and I for one will continue to expose the EU´s complete contempt for its citizens.

"This flippant misuse of taxpayers money is the EU all over - stuck in its own lavish bubble detached from reality. It is time to get out of this expensive club and run our own affairs from Westminster."

James Carver added: "Today's Parliamentary business was an expensive insult to the electorate. Surely it could have been added to yesterday's session.

"If this is an example of the EU institutions spend-thrift attitude at a time of economic austerity and despair, is it any wonder that increasing numbers of voters across, not just the UK, but the whole continent are turning their backs on this utopian idea."

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