Migration: A decade of failure by both main parties


SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe has responded to the latest migration figures: "The astronomical migration figures show an abject failure by this Government to control immigration, despite countless promises to the public. The eye-watering increase places immense strain on employment prospects, schools, hospitals and housing. This is either a total scandal or a long standing con trick by a Party who were elected on the promise of reducing immigration to the tens of thousands. There is nothing the Tories can say or do now that can right this massive wrong.

“In the year to June 2014 the 583,000 people entering the UK was more than whole the population of the City of Manchester. Net long term migration was up in the year 42% to 260,000. UK public services and infrastructure cannot keep up with this level of new arrivals.

“We knew from Mrs May’s round of interviews last Sunday that the ‎Conservative Party would try to get their excuses in early and often before the general election on broken promises on immigration.  First, Mrs May reduced David Cameron's ‘no ifs, no buts’ pledge to reduce immigration on behalf of the ‎Government to a mere 'comment'. Now that these migration figures once again demonstrate their abject failure to deliver on this on that promise, we can expect more Tory excuses.

"The solution to stopping mass, uncontrolled, wage-lowering, legal and illegal immigration into the UK is straightforward. First control our borders by making sure that we properly resource the UK Border Agency by hiring at least 2,500 more frontline staff. Second, exit the EU and ensure we negotiate fair and ethical immigration criteria for all peoples of the world based on implementation of an Australian-like points based system on our way out.

"Tinkering around the edges of EU law with ‘What if..?’ changes to the benefits the peoples of the EU specifically are allowed to claim under our present ‘free movement of people’ Treaty obligations is a fruitless, and ultimately doomed, exercise. Our major European partners have repeatedly said that enshrined Treaty migration rules are not up for negotiation. For any UK government to ignore this objective aspect of reality is counterproductive and self-defeating. 

“The Government needs to stop sticking its head in the sand and get real on how the UK can take back control of immigration so that public services can be planned for and properly financed.”

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