Migration figures reflect Borderless Britain and the impotence of the British government

Published Aug 27, 2015

borderlessbritain-1.pngResponding to the latest record net migration figures released by the ONS, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "These figures reflect Borderless Britain and the total impotence of the British government.

"If open borders are not part of the Cameron renegotiation then what's the point of it?

"Given 192,000 from Romania and Bulgaria registered for National Insurance in the year period, how can we believe the ONS figure of 53,000 from the same two countries in the same year?"

Steven Woolfe, UKIP Migration Spokesman added: “We now live in a Borderless Britain. The Government seems intent on starting this parliament like it finished the last with the continued inexorable rise of immigration into the UK. The consequences for our country are wide and deep. We now host 8 million people born outside of the UK – 12.5% of the UK population and rising. Our public services cope with more than a million illegal migrants who have disappeared into the black economy. We have to provide schools and healthcare for hundreds of thousands of children of migrants born here each year with 57% of babies in London born to migrant mothers. We are now the third most densely populated country in the EU after Malta and Belgium!

“Other than a complete failure to secure our borders from illegals more of whom enter Britain every day, the biggest hole by far in the Government’s migration strategy is our free movement of people of obligations of UK EU membership. Tinkering with benefits available to EU migrants will not stop the rise of EU economic migrants. Until the Prime Minister faces up to the reality that the that the free movement of people within the European Union is a major cause of peoples’ discontent over the number of people arriving in the UK, the Government can never come up with sensible solutions to control Britain’s borders. Anything less than success in the renegotiation of this principle means failure for the Prime Minister’s strategy and the UK needs to leave the EU as soon as possible.

“Today’s net migration numbers also have a detrimental effect on our national character. Traditional British sympathies for refugees fleeing war torn countries are being blunted by ‘migration fatigue’. If EU rules didn't mean we have to take millions of economic migrants, it is clear that we would be in a better position to offer more places to refugees from war torn regions. In this way, EU migration rules are making Britain a less generous country. Something which we must reverse.”

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