Mike Hookem has slammed a petition calling for an end to the subsidies paid to Drax power station

Published Apr 20, 2016

MikeHookam.jpgYorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem has slammed a petition calling for an end to the subsidies paid to Drax power station, saying, “If we lose any more power generation capacity in this area, we will all be sat in the dark cooking over a candle.”

Mr Hookem’s comments come in the wake of a petition that calls on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to withdraw Drax's renewable energy subsidies, despite the power station converting part of its operation in 2010 to burn biomass as a greener alternative to coal.

Speaking from Brussels, where much of the green energy legislation originates, Mr Hookem said, “we have already lost two of the three major power stations in the Yorkshire region due to the pressures placed on generation companies through ridiculous EU green energy and carbon reduction legislation.”

“And while yet more pressure is being heaped on UK power stations like Drax, the German’s are currently building new lignite coal-fired power stations to continue the development of their industry.”

“The simple fact is, if the 81,000 people who have signed this petition - of which only 21,000 originate from the UK - get their way, the people of Yorkshire will be sat in the dark, cooking over a candle.”

“Drax is the biggest power station in the UK, representing over 7% of the UK’s total generating capacity. If Drax were to lose its subsidies, the likelihood is that is would close soon afterward, despite the million of pounds invested in making its emissions cleaner.”

“And when the potential loss of Drax is added to the closures at Ferrybridge and Eggborough, it would spell disaster for the UK’s already overstretched generating capacity.”

“Throughout the on-going steel crisis, we have heard time and again about how UK industry is crippled by the high cost of energy in the UK. When this is added to the carbon floor tax, emissions levies and high cost of business rates it makes for an extremely poor environment for industry in the UK to compete with the rest of the world.”

“What these people are campaigning for is to further exacerbate the situation for consumers and industry by forcing the UK to buy yet more power from the continent. While this will have little impact on overall world emissions, it will further raise the cost of power in a country already struggling with the highest prices in Europe.”

“The sad fact is, successive governments have failed to invest in large scale energy production, preferring useless renewables like wind turbines. When this is added to the emissions policies coming from the EU, it makes for a critical

“As I believe that Drax is absolutely critical to both the people of Yorkshire and our industry, I will be setting up a counter-petition calling on the government to ignore this nonsense.”

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