Mike Hookem – “Iain Duncan Smith absolutely right on Paris type attacks”

Published Feb 21, 2016

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP said he is “delighted” Tory cabinet minister; Iain Duncan Smith has “seen sense” and spoken out on how Britain’s membership of the European Union is damaging efforts to secure the UK from terrorism, saying “it’s an issue we have been highlighting for months”.

Mr Hookem, who was threatened with a gun last August, while examining the security implications of the EU’s response to the migrant crisis, said, “Without the ability to control our borders, properly vet migrants and quickly remove people who pose a direct risk to UK security, this country remains extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks.”

“Even while Mr Cameron shouts about how his worthless deal is ‘securing’ Britain for the future, the threat of a terrorist strike against the UK builds with every illegal migrant that makes it through our weakened border security”, said Mr Hookem.

“You only have to look at how many of those who perpetrated the Paris attacks travelled freely through Europe to see the risks. And if it’s that easy for people to move across the continent unchecked, then it is equally easy to transport arms and explosive for the purpose of terrorism.”

“The fact is unchecked people pose a massive security risk.”

“And the EU leadership have shown time and again that they couldn’t care less about the terrorism risks associated with opening the doors of Europe and their weak and rather half-hearted proposals in response to the Paris attacks bear that out.”

“Terrorists are rarely stupid and will use every advantage they can. The chaos of the migrant crisis in Europe and the weak political response to the situation presents a prime opportunity for terrorist organisations to move people and assets into place across the continent.”

“The ease with which I saw people getting to the UK shows that the English Channel proves no impediment to determined people.”

“All the EU can do is use the situation as an excuse to grab yet more power, this time with the creation of the EU border force – a paramilitary occupation force in everything but name - which has the right to operate in member states, even without the permission of that country’s elected government.”

“And don’t believe the scare mongers who say Britain’s security forces will be cut off on Brexit. We have a long and proud tradition of working with agencies around the world, as it’s in all countries interests to share information on terrorism.”

“It’s time we got back the power to secure our borders, bolster our defences and remove those who want nothing more than to harm our people.”

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