Mike Hookem MEP - 'Ted Heath betrayed the fishermen and Theresa May will do the same!'

Published May 12, 2017

MikeHookemTrawler.jpgUKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, yesterday accused the Tories of planning to “betray” the UK’s fishing industry, saying, "Ted Heath betrayed the fishermen... and Theresa May will do exactly the same!"

Mr Hookem's comments came as he launched UKIP's new "Future for Fishing" policy, which aims to return the UK's fishing industry to Westminster control; and find investment to rebuild our fishing fleet.

UKIP’s vision for the future of British fishing includes restoring our sovereignty and control over the UK’s entire 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), potentially worth a massive £6.3 billion to the British economy. Other measures include withdrawing from the 1964 London convention, and introducing a time-limited, paid license fee option for selected foreign flagged vessels to fish within the UK’s territorial waters during the industries rebuilding period.

However, speaking to journalist after his speech at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London, Mr Hookem launched a blistering attack on the Conservatives saying, "I wrote to George Eustice asking for answers on fishing months ago. Only this week have I had a reply saying that he can't answer the questions as Parliament is no longer sitting."

"Eustice has had this letter weeks. Weeks! He could have replied the very next day if he was committed to the fishermen of this country. This is the evidence that tells me they are going to betray the fishermen once again!"

"I lived through the last betrayal and saw my community devastated as a result, and that's what is going to happen again." 

"That is why I am saying to all the fishing communities across the country, that if you want a Brexit - if you want your industry back - there's only one party you can vote for. There's only one party that's fighting for the fishing industry, and that's UKIP."

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