MoD Official - “Ukraine could count on any possible assistance in the pursuit of the Ukrainian independence” - UKIP's Mike Hookem Demands Answers


Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP’s Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has this morning demanded answers from the Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond, after Nick Gerr, Director International Security Policy at the MoD said the Ukraine could count on any possible assistance in the pursuit of Ukrainian independence.

Nick Gerr’s statement was made following talks on a memorandum of mutual understanding and defence cooperation between the UK and Ukraine, which could see British troops deployed to the region.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mike said, “Nick Gerr’s statement is extremely worrying and has massive ramifications for the UK. Are we signing a form of military alliance with a country nearly at war with Russia?”

 "I want to know exactly what a memorandum of mutual understanding on defence cooperation means, and exactly what Britain is being committed to through this agreement. To me, any possible assistance in the pursuit of the Ukrainian independence means a commitment to British boots on the ground.”

 “This is simply one backroom deal too far and I have asked my colleague Douglas Carswell MP to ask a question calling on the Minister to explain exactly what happened in the Ukraine on Monday and make a full statement to the House on the details of the agreement, and how much involvement the UK will have in the Ukrainian conflict going forward.

“It is almost unbelievable that the UK would risk further inflaming tensions in the region, when most world leaders are pushing toward a peace deal. The UK’s action could be seen as highly provocative at this most sensitive of times.”

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