More good news for SMEs

Published Oct 15, 2016

Margot_11_(1).jpgMargot Parker, UKIP’s small business spokesman and MEP for the East Midlands, says she is pleased at the news of increased investment in exports by small businesses.

“The SME confidence tracker shows more small businesses are looking at exporting than before the referendum vote in June. It is clear the potential for global trade after Brexit is being realised by many small businesses and they are already looking at ways to grasp the many opportunities we will now have.

“It is quite revealing – only six per cent of small businesses exported to the EU, yet all were subject to EU laws and regulations. That so many more already feel liberated to more fully engage with the world is very encouraging and I am sure we will see these figures continue to rise as the UK reclaims its place as a global trading nation.

“I know many small businesses not involved in export are concerned at the fluctuations in the value of the pound. I really do have sympathy with those who import their products and who are looking at reduced profits or higher prices for their end users.

“Perhaps now would be a good time for those who do import to explore domestic suppliers for their needs – this could not only address some of their uncertainties, but would also stimulate our domestic economy and provide a good foundation for even more robust manufacturing and service provision sectors post-Brexit.

“I think it is now abundantly clear to everyone that the predictions of total economic collapse on June 24th have not come true. While the continued pessimism and negativity shown by some institutions, organisations and prominent individuals doubtless has a less-than-helpful effect on the value of the pound, the resilience of the UK economy is showing with consumer and business confidence growing across the board.”

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