More investment in police would help fight crimes against the person

Published Apr 23, 2015

Diane_James.jpg“The reported crime figures from the ONS today show that crime overall is down, but I would question whether this is a true reflection of reality” asks Diane James MEP, the UKIP Home Affairs spokesman.

“Given that media coverage over the last year has highlighted falling crime statistics, voters will be left wondering how accurate these figures really are. In trying to see a silver lining it would appear to be good news that overall crime is down in today's crime survey, but the reduction is in fact marginal.

“What is of far more concern and indeed is deeply shocking is the incredible increase in crimes against the person and in particular violence, especially against women.

“Recorded rape rate has shot up by 32% which is a shocking statistic by any measure.

“This is disgraceful and can only be tackled by proper policing combined with a serious approach to justice. An increasingly soft justice system, in some respects designed to massage crime statistics and alleviate the strain on prisons, and a retrial system that increasingly leans in favour of the accused rather than the victim, has left many people wondering whether real justice is being served in the UK.

“UKIP's manifesto made it abundantly clear that they will be the only party tough on crime. Only UKIP will guarantee an extra 3,500 police and prison officers to boost both the capture of those who commit these offences, while ensuring that prisons are properly resourced and staffed.

“Police numbers and prison staff cuts have gone too far putting the public at risk as these latest figures show.”

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