More than 2m EU migrants working in UK, figures show

Published Aug 12, 2015

Woolfe.jpegResponding to today’s Office for National Statistics employment statistics showing that while the number of British-born workers has fallen over the last quarter while the number of EU-born workers has risen significantly, UKIP’s Migration spokesman Steven Woolfe commented:

"On top of the hundreds of thousands or so illegal migrants working in Britain which the government seems only in this summer of Calais chaos to have woken up to, we have yet further evidence of the arrival of legal EU migrants displacing British born workers. Of course the trouble is that while the government is belatedly scrambling around trying to control illegal immigration, it has no rights to control the unstoppable flow of people from the EU who just up sticks and come here.

"It has never been clearer that the UK's borders are now open to all whenever, wherever and however determined migrants want to come. It has yet to be seen whether the government has rediscovered a will to develop a managed immigration policy like the one that UKIP proposed just a few months ago in its general election manifesto. In reality the government has failed on any of the significant measures by which we can assess success in influencing non-birth increases in our Island’s population.

“In his so-called renegotiation of UK EU membership the Prime Minister's number priority must be to stop the free movement of people into the UK from the EU. Unless, the government can rip up our EU treaty obligations to let anyone from the EU into the UK to live and work, mass uncontrolled wage reducing immigration that adversely impacts and displaces Britain’s working people will continue. David Cameron can be assured that statistics like those today from the ONS will feature prominently in the forthcoming EU referendum campaign as a monument to his failure to get the best deal for Britain!”

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