More US investment shows glowing future for UK business, Despite Brexit

Published Sep 13, 2017
"Two new announcements about US investment in the UK highlight the breadth of confidence in the post-Brexit UK economy" says Christopher Mills, the UKIP Brexit spokesman. 
Boeing announced the construction of a new engineering facility in Sheffield supplying parts for their main US construction facility in Oregon yesterday, and today First Eagle Investment Management have announced a new HQ in the City of London.
"The UK's future is looking pretty good and these two significant US companies are showing great confidence in the people and skills available here. This is a confidence that should be shared by our political leaders when they negotiate our exit from the EU. The simple fact is that the UK is a great place to do international business"
According to Mehdi Mahmud, President and CEO of First Eagle Investment Management. “London is a natural location for the office because of its established position as a centre of excellence in global financial services and its depth of resident talent in the investment management industry.”
While Sir Michael Arthur, president of Boeing Europe said, “Boeing Sheffield is further evidence of Boeing’s long-term commitment to the prosperity of this country." And the company pointed out that "Boeing’s direct expenditure with the UK aerospace industry in 2016 was £2.1 billion and the company supports an estimated 16,500 jobs in the UK supply chain, in the process enhancing skills, facilitating exports and generating intellectual property.".
Mr Mills continued, "We are constantly being fed a diet of respond by armchair commentators in the media, however in the real world, jobs, skills and investment is being generated across multiple sectors in the UK, this must be celebrated".
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