Mr Juncker, you are competent, dangerous and doomed to fail


Mr Juncker, you are competent, dangerous and doomed to fail, is what UKIP Leader Nigel Farage told European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker in a debate on the Commission Work Programme 2015 in the European Parliament today.

Far from the advertised New Start Commission, Mr Farage, said the new Commission has "got five former Prime Ministers in it, it's got four former Prime Ministers in it, its got nineteen former government ministers in it, it's got seven former Commissioners in it. I don't know about some bright new fresh start for Europe, it looks a bit more like the knackers yard for failed domestic politicians."

Farage also told Commission Vice-President Timmermans that his vaunted 'minimalism' on legislation will not work - why? Because on two vital issues, UK on immigration and Greece on the Euro , the EU needs complete change which its ideologues will never accept.

"But there are two areas where minimalism won't work; one, is in negotiating with the UK about immigration. Mr Juncker you have made it clear that it is non-negotiable, free movement of people is non-negotiable, the British want wholesale change. And secondly, there is Greece's membership of the Euro. When it's clear for all to see, she and everybody else would be better off without it. And I suggest, whatever your work programme is actually the next five years will be dominated by Greece in the Euro, and Britain's membership of the European Union and you will spend most of your time, I suspect, dealing with those issues."

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