Multi-billion pound foreign aid scandal proves UKIP has been the only party telling the truth about overseas aid

Published Apr 17, 2015

abwJ9NwqIu8VsMDn-3a_yf7s0wg.pngNathan Gill, UKIP MEP for Wales, said: "We have warned for years that money spent on overseas aid is failing to help the poorest people and instead is making corrupt officials and crony consultants rich. Now the evidence shows UKIP were right."

"UKIP must congratulate the Times for daring to tell the truth today about the scandal of Britain's squandered overseas aid.

Evidence uncovered by the newspaper shows that the Cameron government has been paying professional aid staff in Africa and Asia as much as £1,000 a day. The evidence also shows corporate consultants have been filling their boots with billions of pounds that taxpayers have been led to believe were going to the desperately poor people around the world."

"The Government's politically-motivated rush to spend their obese foreign aid budget means that, exactly as UKIP has warned, the money is not being properly directed or controlled."

"The uncontrolled gush of money has been fuelling corruption in the developing world."

"More, the Department for International Aid and Development have been funnelling billions through consulting firms and international organisations such as the European Union. This means the poor people in Africa and Asia who finally receive what's left after the consultants make their 50 percent profit margin don't even realise the money is from the British people."

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