Nathan Gill MEP responds to Tata Steel job losses

Published Jan 18, 2016

20151027_EP-027008D_FMA_11.jpgTata has announced around 1,000 job cuts at plants including Port Talbot and Llanwern in South Wales, dealing a huge blow to the industry and the Welsh economy.

Responding Nathan Gill, Leader of UKIP in Wales said, "It's yet another devastating blow to Welsh workers, Welsh heavy industry and to the Welsh economy and shows how impotent the Assembly Government and Whitehall is. It's so frustrating for me to look on while the Government is prevented from being able to do anything to reverse the situation, they can't offer state aid, they are limited in reducing energy costs and they can't act to prevent the dumping of cheap Chinese steel, all because of the EU, but it's heartbreaking for the workers who now face the worst possible news."

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