Nathan Gill MEP tops UKIP Wales election result

Published Mar 07, 2016

Nathan.jpgCllr Piers Wauchope the returning officer has now confirmed the rankings of UKIP candidates in the Welsh regions as follows. "I am pleased to announce that the following have been ranked by a national ballot of UKIP members in Wales on a 58% turnout.

"In the all Wales vote the top 4 candidates were, in order, Nathan Gill MEP, Mark Reckless, Neil Hamilton and Caroline Jones. "

Leader in Wales Nathan Gill MEP, who gained the greatest votes across the entire UKIP Wales membership added, “The Welsh membership have now had their say, and I am glad that that our list candidates for the Welsh elections have now been confirmed.

“Now is the time for all of us to move forward united and to campaign to bring real change to the political establishment in Cardiff Bay. We have a great manifesto and a great message and I look forward to leading the UKIP Wales team from the front in the campaign ahead.”

The list given below has now been ratified by the NEC. The party’s top up lists for the Welsh Assembly will be as follows:

Mid & West Wales:

1.    Neil HAMILTON                         

2.    Gethin JAMES                   


4.    Howard LILLYMAN    

North Wales:                                                                                    

1.    Nathan GILL

2.    Michelle BROWN    

3.    Mandy JONES

4.    David EDWARDS

South Wales Central:

1.    Gareth BENNETT

2.    Alex PHILLIPS

3.    Mohammed ISLAM

4.    Liz WILKS       

South Wales East:                                                                                 

1.    Mark RECKLESS

2.    David ROWLANDS

3.    Susan BOUCHER

4.    Julie PRICE

South Wales West 

1.    Caroline JONES

2.    Martyn FORD

3.    Colin BECKETT

4.    Llyr POWELL

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