Negotiation 101. If we are prepared to Leave then things might progress

Published Oct 13, 2017

Reports that the EU nation states are to discuss a future trade agreement with the UK after Brexit show that it is the EU itself that is being intransigent, and that a policy of being clear that the UK could walk away from the EU with No deal is bearing dividends.

William Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP International Trade spokesman said "We are only 18 months into the process and finally somebody seems to be beginning to see some sense.

"In any negotiation - and above all in our negotiation with the EU - if we are not prepared and able to walk away; we give the other side all the cards. There is at least one clear example with the EU's treatment of Greece.

"This really is negotiation 101. It seems to me that the talk about "No deal" is beginning to have some impact with the EU 27 members starting to consider the reality of the UK leaving the EU without any thought and plan as to what happens next. Up until now Michael Barnier, through no fault of his own has been a door-stop not a negotiator. He wants the negotiation to work, as it will be his legacy, and the Nation's of the European Union want it to work as their own electorates will treat them harshly when failure will mean job losses across the continent.

"The UK is the biggest market for wine produced in Australia. The UK buys more wine from Australia than we do from any of France, Italy, even Spain. Wine that is produced in Australia competes, on price, with wines produced in Spain, France, even Bulgaria, and the rest. But Australia does not have a trade agreement with the European Union. Far less is there unconditional free movement between Australia and the European Union. Nonetheless, Australia has full access to the EU markets including the United Kingdom, without a trade agreement and without freedom of movement.

"If we walk away, the UK would then trade under WTO rules just as the 3 biggest exporters to the EU , China , Russia and the United States , and 11 of the top 20 trade now."

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