New demands for more EU integration show Brussels never learns

Published Mar 17, 2015

PatrickOflynn.jpgMario Draghi, the President of the European Central bank has called for a "Quantum leap" in institutional integration in Europe, in order to cement what he is pleased to call an economic recovery in the Eurozone.

Patrick O'Flynn MEP the UKIP Economic spokesman responded, "If there is to be growth in the Eurozone it is due to an enormous program of printing money through the quantitative easing process, and because it is coming from such a low base.

"However the fundamental weaknesses of the Eurozone remain. Draghi's comments show that the Brussels elite has learnt nothing and forgotten everything. Whenever there is a problem the call goes out, more Europe, more integration. Evidence means nothing to them, it is a belief system.

"The obvious truth is that countries of the EU would prosper not with more Europe but with greater autonomy, management of their own currencies and the ability to set their own interest rates in a way that suits their own economies."

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