Sadiq Khan's London Mayoral campaign was pure hot air

Published Jun 07, 2016

DavidK.jpgCommenting on the Deputy Mayor for Housing James Murray's appearance in front of the London Assembly Housing Committee today, UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten said: "Simply put, the answers that James Murray gave to the Assembly Housing Committee today were illustrative of just how much of Sadiq Khan's London Mayoral campaign was pure hot air.
"Ever since the election, Khan has been backing away from his pledge to build 80,000 homes per year, and today is the latest instance of him and his team rowing back from that target. In today's session James Murray repeatedly refused to commit to build even 50,000 new homes.
"As my colleague Peter Whittle and I repeatedly said during the London election campaign, the housing crisis will not be solved by setting arbitrary targets which will never be met but only by addressing the demand side of the equation too.

"Murray also offered little comfort to Londoners who are struggling to find a home in their own city, and was non-committal about how he would fulfil the Mayor's campaign mantra of giving 'first dibs to Londoners' when it comes to housing.

"When I asked about the definition of a Londoner, the answer was so vague as to include just about anyone.

"According to Murray, Londoners might be people who live in London, people who have a job in London and need to move to the capital, everyone from every different background who wants to make the city great, people who feel that London is their home and people who want to make London their home.

"To deal with the housing crisis, we have to start somewhere and that's why Peter and I had a manifesto commitment that when it comes to social housing, people with strong local connections should have priority when it comes to allocations. Our belief was and remains that a "strong local connection" means someone should have lived in London for at least five years.

"We will need more than hot air and rowing away from pledged targets to solve the housing crisis."

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