New report warns Christmas lights could go out next winter thanks to climate policy

Published Dec 19, 2016

Roger_Helmer.jpegThreats of power rationing and a future three day week revealed in a study by the British Infrastructure Group are due to Government and EU policy that has driven the UK into an unsustainable reliance on intermittent, so-called renewable energy sources, says UKIP Energy spokesman Roger Helmer.

He applauded the Group for highlighting the issue: "Well done to Grant Shapps for saying something UKIP has been saying for many years.

"We have been warning over threats to energy security, resulting to a reliance on intermittent renewables. At last, others are waking up to it now."

Current climate targets are driving manufacturing jobs overseas, pushing up prices which disproportionately effect the poor, as has been pointed out by Daniel Mahoney, head of economic research at the Centre for Policy Studies, 

"Mismanagement of energy policy – both from the European Union and the UK Government – has left the UK with desperately narrow capacity margins.”

In the BIG report, Mr Schapps writes: "Iit is clear that a perfect coincidence of numerous policies designed to reduce Britain's carbon dioxide emissions has had the unintended effect of hollowing out the reliability of the electricity generating sector."

The reports warns that because the National Grid’s safety buffer this winter has shrunk to 0.1% there is a sustained danger of intermittent blackouts for the foreseeable future, thanks to dwindling base capacity and freak weather events. In a grim forecast, the report says that by next winter, the Christmas lights could go out.

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