New EU propaganda blitz will be counter-productive

Published Sep 09, 2015

PaulNutall-new1.jpgEuropean Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to spend nearly €26 million on a massive new publicity campaign to promote the EU in 2016. The campaign would be the biggest-ever EU communications effort and is built around the theme of “A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment.”

Its budget of €25.75 million is slated to be spent on a full suite of communications ranging from billboards to web advertisements, and possibly exhibitions and TV and radio air time.

Responding UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: "This is a desperate attempt by the EU to paper over the cracks just as it is riven by disunity because of the Euro-induced poverty and migrant crisis. When the substance is bad, no amount of taxpayer-funded propaganda will convince people that the EU is either necessary or doing a good job.

"A recent Business for Britain study shows that the EU is spending a huge amount of our cash promoting itself.

"Rather than paying off media outlets to stir the EU advertising swill in a bucket, the EU should return the money to the taxpayers who fund this charade and know better than Mr Juncker how to spend their own money. I am certain this EU propaganda blitz by the EU will be counter-productive."

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