EU plan for six separate rubbish bins labelled as ‘farcical’



New EU rules which could see families and pensioners having to separate their rubbish into six separate bins have been labelled as ‘farcical’ by UKIP’s North East Euro MP, Jonathan Arnott.

Britain’s biggest waste firm, Veolia, warned “From January 2015, EU rules mean households and businesses may need to separate their waste into six separate bins. Veolia thinks most of the sorting can be done post-collection and that four bins are more than enough”.

Government officials are looking closely at the revised EU waste framework directive, but maintain that councils should be left to decide how to collect rubbish.

Mr Arnott said “Opinion polls show that the vast majority of the British public believe that recycling is important. However, this idea that to promote recycling people should be given six bins to use is a complete farce.

“No thought has been put in to this proposal at all. The vast majority of people won’t have the space to hold six bins. A higher number of bins, presumably, would lead to more infrequent refuse collections between each specific bin, potentially bringing more rats and waste on the streets to the local area.

“The expectation that families going about their busy everyday lives should have to remember the specifics for each bin and up to six different refuse collection dates is totally moronic".


A YouGov poll commissioned by Veolia suggested 69 per cent of people are not prepared to separate their rubbish into more than four bins, with only 12 per cent considering having six or more bins as reasonable.

Mr Arnott continued “This is yet another barmy EU proposal highlighting the total disconnect between hard -working families and pensioners, and top EU Brussels-based officials. It really is a load of rubbish”.

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