New poll backs UKIP policy on referenda for large scale developments

Published Apr 05, 2016

PRW_2016_Photo.jpgWhen asked which planning applications they would like to be consulted on, 60% of Londoners believe people across the city should have a say if a tall building is proposed in a historically important place. But currently it is usually only those in immediate surrounding areas who are consulted on proposals for buildings that may be so tall they affect views and settings for miles around. The polling also shows that more than half do not know how to make their voice heard. The results come from a new poll published today by YouGov on behalf of Historic England.

Today, Historic England has said that limits around who is consulted on tall building proposals need to be reviewed. They have also called for wider public involvement in the way London develops, in the run-up to the next London Plan, so Londoners are better informed about the changes gathering pace in the city,

Welcoming the results of the poll UKIP’s London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle said, “The results of this poll clearly underlines the fact that Londoners increasingly feel powerless over their built environment. This is why throughout this campaign I have been consistently calling for binding referenda, held by local authorities, on any new large developments. This would require 5% of local people to call for a referendum on such developments.

“The policy is a real transfer of power from the Mayor to the people, putting democracy back into the hands of the people which will go some way to solving those issues identified by this polling, namely the desire to have more of a say over how this great city develops but knowing how to.

“London is more than just an economic balance sheet, it has a soul too, and the connection between Londoners and their city must be cherished and protected.”

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