New report shows that British jobs are not dependent on EU membership

Published Mar 11, 2015

PatrickOflynn.jpgA new report by the Institute of Economic Affairs shows that the ability to trade with Europe does not rely on membership of the EU. Patrick O'Flynn, UKIP MEP and Economics Spokesman, said: "This excellent and very measured report from the Institute of Economic Affairs gives the lie to ridiculous claims peddled by all three other parties that leaving the EU would cause a jobs meltdown."

"As the author notes, there may very well be net job creation in the wake of a British exit. What is quite clear is that the ability to trade does not rely on membership of a political union, but the ability to be an independent democracy relies on not being absorbed into a political union."

"Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and David Cameron should all level with the British public. The reason they want to stay in the EU is not because of any likely adverse effect on jobs or the wider economy, it is because the British establishment is doing very nicely out of the EU when it comes to jobs for the boys. It would be a rash punter who gambled against at least one of these gentleman ending up as an extremely well paid EU commissioner in the very near future."

"But over the long-run, EU membership has been prohibitively expensive and disastrous for many of our industries - from fishing to coal mining. Britain would be better off out."

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