New Treasurer for UKIP


UKIP Deputy Treasurer Andrew Reid will become the party’s Treasurer from July 1, it has been agreed.

Mr Reid will take over from Stuart Wheeler who is stepping down after three years in the role.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “I am enormously grateful to Stuart Wheeler for years of unstinting effort made on UKIP’s behalf and for making a massive contribution to the success of the party in recent years. I also hope Stuart enjoys having a reduced workload in retirement.

“Equally, I am very excited to be welcoming Andrew Reid into the role of Treasurer. As everyone who knows him will attest, Andrew is a formidably able and well-connected figure. He has already been a huge asset to the party and we are fortunate indeed that he is ready to take on the job of party Treasurer as we head towards a general election campaign.

“Any political party depends greatly for its success on a core team of dedicated and talented professionals and UKIP is blessed indeed in that respect with public-spirited people like Stuart and Andrew having been prepared to devote so much time and energy to the cause.”

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