New UKIP Councillors Association committee elected

Published Sep 26, 2015

A new full committee of 11 members has been elected at the AGM of the UKIP Councillors Association (UKIPCA) at UKIP’s Conference in Doncaster from the growing band of UKIP Councillors from across the United Kingdom.

Cllr David Sprason (Leicestershire County Council) was re-elected as Chairman, with former Treasurer Cllr Paul Bullen (Cambridgeshire County Council) elected Vice Chairman, Cllr Debbie Lemay (Buntingford Town Council) was elected Secretary, and Cllr Kay Gray (Great Yarmouth Borough Council) was elected Treasurer.

Also elected were Cllr Lisa Duffy as Communications Officer (Huntingdonshire District Council), and 6 additional Committee members - Councillors Mark Stephenson (Tendring District), Denis Crawford (Norfolk County Council), Victoria Ayling (Lincolnshire County Council), Bobby Answer (Mansfield District Council), Caven Vines (Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council) and Neil Hooking (Rochford District Council).

The Committee’s membership is drawn from across the country and reflects the way that UKIP is making a growing impression on local government nationwide.

Newly re-elected UKIPCA Chairman Cllr David Sprason said: “I am delighted to be re-elected as the Chairman of the UKIP Councillors Association. I look forward to the year ahead working with our ever growing number of hard working elected Councillors across the country who are the only ones truly representing people at a local level.

“The local elections next year provide an opportunity to build even further upon what we have already achieved so far.”

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