New UKIP posters reveal added EU cost of living

Published May 11, 2014

UKIP today reveals two new posters exposing the added 
Page_1.JPGcost of living that EU membership brings to people’s every day lives.

The first exposes how EU membership adds £400 per year to household food bills. This is thanks to the EU blocking cheaper imports from outside of Europe and Britain’s payments into the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

The second informs the British public how outside of the EU, the average fuel bill would go down by £112. This added cost comprises renewable obligation subsidies, carbon taxes, smart meters and other so-called green policies according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Page_2.JPGUKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “Despite these being European elections, Labour and Ed Miliband do not want to talk about Europe. In fact they have nothing to say apart from the fact that they won’t trust the people to decide if they wish to be governed from Westminster or from Brussels.

“I agree with Mr Miliband that there is a cost-of-living crisis going on. But I intend to expose the fact that much of it is down to Labour’s own policies when it was last in government and in particular its acquiescence to diktats coming out of Brussels.

“These two new posters bring home the point graphically in a way I believe will resonate within working class communities. Food prices and energy prices are two key components of the squeeze on living standards. And in both cases the EU is right at the heart of the squeeze.” 

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