• UKIP responds to Iceland's Prime Minister's comments they would like to have a free trade deal whatever the UK decides to do

    William-(The-Earl-of)-Dartmouth_-United-Kingdom-MIP-Europaparlamentby-Leila-Paul-4.jpgResponding to comments by Iceland's PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson that "the UK is one of our most important trading partners and whatever you decide to do we would like to have a free trade deal", UKIP Deputy Chairman and UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP said,

    "What this demonstrates today is that Project Fear is in fact Project False, the UK would continue to trade profitably after Brexit. It is clear that the world is pragmatic and recognises that the UK is a great place to do business with, the thing is it will be an even better place to do business with when we have the freedom to act in our own interest, after we have voted to Leave the European Union.

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  • Vote remain for political union with Turkey, vote leave if you believe in Britain says Nigel Farage

    Today in the European Parliament UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP accused the EU of being blackmailed by Turkey over the migrant crisis and asserted that the safest option for the British people is to vote leave before Turkey can join the European Union. He was debating the upcoming European Council meeting on March 17th. You can watch his speech here:

    Nigel Farage said: "The historic error made by Chancellor Merkel last year by saying all can come has led directly to this mess and now we are being blackmailed by Turkey. I wish that David Cameron was as good at negotiations as the Turks are."

    "So we are going to go into political union with a country that has got borders with Iraq, Iran and Syria, a country that is poorer than anybody else in the European Union and give free movement to 75 million people. And join up with a government that is increasingly islamist and authoritarian."

    "Well this referendum in Britain is all about what is the safest option. It is pretty clear to me that a vote to remain is a vote for Turkey, a vote to remain is a vote for massively increased immigration into Britain and a vote to remain is a vote that makes Britain more vulnerable to terrorism. It is safer to vote to leave and take back control of our borders."

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  • UKIP Defence Spokesman asks Home Secretary: "Why would you prefer criminals to stay in the UK than veterans from the British Army?"

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has written to Theresa May asking her to explain the Home Office decision that refused leave to remain to former soldier Semesa Maiyale.

    The former soldier said Mr Maiyale had "proved his dedication to this country after being recruited by the British Army from a Commonwealth country and taking the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty."

    Mr Hookem said that telling a potential recruit they would be entitled to stay in the UK after four years of military service then refusing to let him stay was "beneath the reputation of the United Kingdom."

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  • UKIP Blast Tory Benefit Raid on Britain's Most Vulnerable People

    Tim_hi_res_photo_2015.jpgConservative plans have today passed through the House of Lords which will mean £30 a week benefit cut to the some of the most vulnerable people in society.

    Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: "It is disgusting that the Conservatives have done this when it will do nothing to 'balance the books'.

    "They're still borrowing billions a month and have decided to hurt the most vulnerable whilst continuing to throw money oversees.

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  • UKIP's 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly candidates announced

    David_McNarry.jpgUKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA commented on the candidate announcement:

    “Northern Ireland voters will have the opportunity to vote for a strong team of UKIP candidates in May’s Assembly elections. They will have the opportunity to vote for a nationally relevant party, linking Northern Ireland more closely to the great issues of the day in the rest of the United Kingdom. 

    "UKIP is much more than a Party – UKIP is a cause – a very worthwhile cause, which I and many here believe in.  It’s a cause for people and it’s a cause that many are responding to in good faith. 

    "I am very proud of the UKIP Candidates Team asking for a number 1 vote at these Stormont Assembly Elections. A better bunch of dedicated, hardworking and determined people you couldn’t ask for. Our team of candidates offer a politics based on the needs of the people. Your interests are the same as theirs.

    "On May 5th, the people of Northern Ireland will have a chance at REAL Change. UKIP is a genuine alternative to the parties and the politics of old that has continually failed us. 

    "I commend each and every candidate to you. I don’t expect any of them will let you down. That’s the UKIP way - believing in Northern Ireland, believing in the United Kingdom and standing up for ordinary people.”

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  • UKIP London Mayoral candidate backs call for Coin Street Community Builders to refuse permission for the Garden Bridge

    Peter_Whittle.pngUKIP London Mayoral candidate Peter Whittle has backed calls by Kate Hoey MP for Coin Street Community Builders, who own the land on the south bank of the Thames on which the Garden Bridge would be developed, to refuse permission for the project. Coin Street’s permission is the final major step before work on the bridge can start.

    Peter Whittle said, “I have consistently said that the Garden Bridge, which I think is shaping up to be a perfect example of monetisation of public space, should be scrapped as should any other large scale vanity projects. This is a project for the elite rather than for Londoners.

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  • UKIP MEPs highlight unfair 'tampon tax' on International Women's Day

    jane-collins.jpgAfter MEPs shelved a debate on the 'tampon tax' UKIP MEPs are highlighting the hypocrisy of the EU in refusing to allow tampons to be 'zero rated' in Strasbourg today. UKIP MEP Jane Collins asked the Parliament to debate why VAT is levied on sanitary products, pointing out that in its own legislation it is illegal to discriminate against people based on their gender. But the committee of senior MEPs and civil servants refused to allow it to be discussed despite regularly calling for legislation on equality for women.

    "MEPs are clearly terrified that if British women realise the fact they pay tax on essential items like tampons is because of an EU directive it will encourage more of them to vote to leave," said Mrs Collins.
    "We've seen MPs debating this issue in Westminster, voting for someone to 'have a chat' to Brussels about possibly doing something to get rid of VAT on tampons but to no avail: once an item has VAT levied on it then it won't become zero-rated."

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  • The EU has failed women

    UKIP MEP Margot Parker has today outlined how the EU has failed women and is actually helping trafficking and exploitation. The East Midlands MEP, in two speeches to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, has outlined figures from Eurostat which showed that between 2010 and 2012, more than 30,000 people were trafficked across Europe - 80 per cent of them women

    She spoke on International Women's Day and outlined further statistics from the UK National Crime Agency, revealed in 2014, which show that more than 3,000 people were potential victims of trafficking, up by 21 per cent.

    She said: "These figures are only those reported - the real figures will be horrendously higher.

    "What has all the EU gender legislation, spending and QUANGOs achieved for women? The only people the EU has helped are the cross-border traffickers and criminals because it forces us to have an open door to 27 other countries.

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  • Cllr Peter Reeve is to retain the role of UKIP Local Government spokesman

    Peter_Reeve.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has announced that Cllr Peter Reeve is to retain the role of UKIP Local Government spokesman.

    Mr Reeve, a long standing County, District and Parish Councillor in Cambridgeshire and supporter of the Grassroots Out campaign, said: "Rumours of my death are slightly premature. I am delighted that Nigel has asked me to continue my role in promoting the policies of the party within local government and building the presence of genuinely independent-minded Councillors throughout the country.

    "We have 4,000 council seats to fight in May and we are looking forward eagerly to the challenge. At a time when local authorities have less power and less money than ever before, but have greater responsibility, it is vital that UKIP Councillors get elected to provide some plain common sense in the the town and county halls of England".

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  • It’s not the EU’s job to regulate British ports

    Jill_Seymour.jpgHands off British ports – that’s the message to European Union officials from UKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour. 

    She told the Strasbourg chamber that regulation of port services was neither required, nor wanted, in the United Kingdom. 

    Mrs Seymour was speaking in a debate on ‘market access to port services and financial transparency of ports’ where the EU has been making a third attempt to push through a new directive.

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