• Immigration is holding back wages of working class Britain

    PatrickOflynn.jpgWriting for The Times today, UKIP Economics Spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP said: "George Osborne adopted an extraordinarily triumphalist stance yesterday given that his central task was to stand up and confirm a wholesale failure.

    "The chancellor was, after all, supposed to have eliminated the deficit by now, not be bequeathing his successor – or indeed himself – a £90billion problem going into the next parliament and a national debt approaching £1.5trillion.

    "His much heralded long-term economic plan was left looking more like a long grass economic plan. And nowhere in his speech did he even begin to address the central issue restraining living standards for millions of British working people; the mass, uncontrolled immigration into semi-skilled and unskilled job vacancies that has characterised the British economy for the last decade and more."

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  • Government has failed on deficit target, Chancellor has pushed all his targets back and created a long grass economic plan

    CAYZBFZW8AAAyEC.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "This Government has evidently failed in its promise to the British people to eradicate the deficit and whilst it took Labour 13 years to double the debt this Government has done it in 5. Mr Osborne talks about a long-term economic plan, today he pushed all his targets back and created a long grass economic plan."

    This Budget confirms the total failure of the Coalition to eliminate the deficit over the course of a Parliament as it said it would says UKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn.

    "The Chancellor would also have won himself more respect if he had acknowledged his failure to deliver on his pledge at the start of the parliament to have eliminated the deficit by the end. A £90 billion deficit in the final year of this Parliament represents a massive failure of Government policy."

    "George Osborne should know that UKIP MPs will make it their business to ensure that whoever is Chancellor finally delivers on eliminating the deficit."

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  • New demands for more EU integration show Brussels never learns

    PatrickOflynn.jpgMario Draghi, the President of the European Central bank has called for a "Quantum leap" in institutional integration in Europe, in order to cement what he is pleased to call an economic recovery in the Eurozone.

    Patrick O'Flynn MEP the UKIP Economic spokesman responded, "If there is to be growth in the Eurozone it is due to an enormous program of printing money through the quantitative easing process, and because it is coming from such a low base.

    "However the fundamental weaknesses of the Eurozone remain. Draghi's comments show that the Brussels elite has learnt nothing and forgotten everything. Whenever there is a problem the call goes out, more Europe, more integration. Evidence means nothing to them, it is a belief system.

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  • Party Chairman welcomes ruling that confirms UKIP as a major party

    steve-crowther.jpgReacting to Ofcom's decision to recognise UKIP as a major party in the forthcoming elections, UKIP Chairman, Steve Crowther said,

    “I am pleased to hear the ruling confirming that UKIP is now recognised as a major party.

    “The fact that UKIP was the victor in the last two by-elections, in the European elections last year, whilst maintaining its regular polling in the high teens and is considerably ahead of the Liberal Democrats and in many parts of the country is supported by a quarter of the electorate or more means that this is simply a recognition of what everybody knows.”

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  • Nigel Farage highlights HS2 on visit to Aylesbury

    B_-Z0EdXEAAtBYl.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage today visited our candidate in Aylesbury, Chris Adams, for the official opening of Aylesbury Vale HQ. Nigel Farage also unveiled our latest poster which where we pledge to stop HS2 before it runs out of control.

    Only UKIP opposes the HS2 project which will cost over £70 billion. Instead of cutting the journey time from London to Birmingham by under half an hour we could upgrade transport infrastructure across the country for a fraction of the cost.

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  • Poll shows that UKIP has policies which chime with Britain

    B_-2uYvWUAA1fRV.pngIn a poll that looks at the policies rather than the misinformation about UKIP the results show that the UKIP policy platform sits squarely in the centre of public debate.

    Suzanne Evans, UKIP's Deputy Chairman (Policy), "It is clear that when people discover what UKIP really stands for as opposed to the myths they like what they see, and like it by significant margins. UKIP's policies from Taxation to Education, from Energy to Defence clearly chime with Britain today. We are at the clear, common sense centre of British life. We believe in these policies, and it seems the public believe in them too".

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  • Jane Collins MEP calls for Greater Manchester Police​ Chief to resign

    JaneCollins.jpgUKIP's Jane Collins MEP has criticised Greater Manchester Police for failures to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Rochdale and called for the resignation of its Chief Constable, Sir Peter Fahy after his comments on Radio 4's Today programme where he said: “How do you protect vulnerable young people who are determined to put themselves at risk and don't understand the degree to which they are making themselves vulnerable?”​

    Jane, who has been campaigning on behalf of CSE victims in Rotherham, said, “I am furious that the Chief Constable of a police force that has failed to protect children from harm, can blame the victims in this way. Is he trying to say that these young people brought the grooming on themselves? It is simply despicable and Sir Peter Fahy should resign; not only for his comments, but also for his failures to ensure CSE victims were believed and prioritised in the first place.”

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  • Cameron fiddling the books on NATO Defence spending is a betrayal of our troops


    Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Defence Spokesman, has today backed a Tory backbench revolt, lead by John Baron MP, aimed at forcing David Cameron to meet NATO’s minimum 2% of GDP spending commitment, saying, “Although it is very late in the day, it seems at least a few Tories have woken up, grown a backbone and realised the damage Cameron is doing to our armed forces through his smoke and mirrors approach to defence spending”.

    Mike, who last week announced UKIP’s firm policy commitment to meet the NATO 2% spending target, continued; “The Conservatives are wriggling like maggots on a hook in their attempts to use creative accounting to meet the 2% minimum commitment, instead of funding our troops properly.

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  • UKIP believes in Britain, and we fight for it

    The media and other parties can try and skew what Nigel Farage said but the truth is UKIP believes in Britain, and we fight for it:


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  • UK Jobs for Baltic workers​

    Job_Advert_(2).pngUKIP today reveal an example of British jobs being deliberately and explicitly reserved for foreign workers.

    The advertisement for a “UK project” demands that applicants are of “Baltic nationality” was issued by Oceanwide an agency that specialises in offshore work on Windfarms and in the maritime and oil sector.

    The advert states: “We are urgently looking for AB/Riggers (stage 3) and AB/Forklift drivers with a Rigging and Slinging certificate for a project in the UK. Baltic nationality is required. Start end on March”.

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