NHS management consultants rack up the bills while nurses' wages stand still


Spending £640m a year on management consultants by the NHS has been described was "outrageous" by UKIP Health spokesman Louise Bours MEP.

"This is dreadful, particularly given that after the 2010 general election Andrew Lansley, then health secretary, promised to cut such spending, which at the time was £313m,” Ms Bours said.

"And lo and behold four years later the figure has more than doubled. This is money the NHS can ill afford and it should have been spent on providing services for patients.

"The coalition has been hell-bent on restructuring the NHS and there is no doubt that some changes are needed but spending all this taxpayers cash on external consultants is outrageous.

"Surely there is sufficient experience and wisdom internally without lining the pockets of management consultants. The £640m could have been used to hire another 2,000 nurses, instead nurses have been denied a 1% pay rise through lack of money," she added.

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