Nick Clarke: Former Leader of Cambridge County Council joins UKIP from Conservatives

Published Apr 14, 2015

9852405-large.jpgNick Clarke - a former Conservative leader of Cambridgeshire County Council has defected joined UKIP from the Conservatives just weeks ahead of the general election as the Cambridge News has reported

"It's fantastic news and very exciting for us," said Mr O'Flynn, who is also UKIP's Economics spokesman.

"Nick Clarke is a huge political talent and his joining the Party will be a massive shot in the arm to my campaign in Cambridge and to UKIP candidates throughout the country.

"It really underlines the case that UKIP is getting traction in Cambridge. I think it will bring many disenchanted voters former Tory voters along, to at least consider voting UKIP."

Writing on his own site, Mr Clarke said that: "My reasons for joining UKIP are many. The UK’s relationship with the EU is a significant but not exclusive reason for joining UKIP.

He continued: "I now have no confidence that the Conservative party is able to deliver on an exit from the EU. Nor am I convinced that it even wants to.

He also praised UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn for being "clearly head and shoulders above the Conservative candidate dropped in from London".

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