Nicola Sturgeon is deliberately ignoring the result of the Scottish referendum


David-Coburn-MEP.jpgWhile UKIP is confident that Scotland would, with the rest of then UK vote to leave the EU, and therefore gain real independence, it recognizes that Scotland is less Eurosceptic than the rest of the UK.

If the result were against Ms Sturgeon wishes, then what she is proposing today would be the most divisive and destructive possible act. She is attempting to break up the United Kingdom, despite losing the referendum. Her proposal is not that of a democrat, but of a petulant adolescent.

UKIP MEP for Scotland, David Coburn said: "Nicola Sturgeon's veto plan is ridiculous.

"We are part of the United Kingdom. Our country is Great Britain - I don't hold a Scottish passport, I hold a British passport as do we all.

"We are one country and that was decided as part of the referendum, so what part of no don't they understand?"

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