Tories trounced, Lib Dems lose deposit as UKIP come second



UKIP's John Bickley piled on the poll misery for the Conservatives after winning 18% of the vote in yesterday's Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election beating them into second place and giving the incumbent Labour party another wake-up call.

John's result in a Labour stronghold reinforced UKIP's position as the party of Opposition in the North as the Coalition faced further humiliation with the Lib Dems failing to hold on to their deposit for the eighth time in 15 elections since 2010.

Labour's candidate, Michael Kane, retained the seat with 13,261 votes on a low turnout of 28.24%.

A total of 10,141 postal votes were cast and only 13,883 on the day.

UKIP came second with 4,301 votes, the Tories' Daniel Critchlow third on 3,479 votes and Mary di Mauro of the Lib Dems' trailing on 1,176 votes in a seat in which they once took more than 25% of the vote.

When UKIP last stood in Wythenshawe and Sale East at the 2010 General Election, the party won around 3.5% of the vote. Pundits are now looking to the storming performance as an indication of how the party will succeed in May's Euro elections.

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