Nigel Farage beats David Cameron, wins over undecided voters

Published Jun 08, 2016

Screenshot_55.pngAnalysis carried out during last night's ITV referendum special by a live Times Red Box pulse of voters shows that Nigel Farage won over undecided voters, with the UKIP Leader receiving an average rating of 63% amongst undecided voters compared to 29% for the Prime Minister.

A UKIP spokesman said: "It is clear that last night not only did Nigel fire up Leave voters, he reached out and won over the vast majority of undecided voters as well. Indeed as the half hour progressed and undecided voters heard more from Nigel, his ratings amongst this crucial group increased throughout. The more those weighing up which way to vote hear from Nigel, the more they like what he has to say.

"Nigel's patriotic message that we should not be bullied by the unelected elite who run the EU was also shown to be popular with female voters in particular.

"Last night was a huge win for Nigel and the Leave side with undecided voters backing the Brexit message and rejecting the government's increasingly pathetic project fear."

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