Nigel Farage has accused the Westminster establishment of appeasement in the face of the SNP threat

Published Apr 20, 2015

Nigel_Twitter.jpegUKIP Leader Nigel Farage: “David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have all shown appalling weakness in the face of the aggressive tactics of the SNP which threaten the future of the United Kingdom.

“All three of them have guaranteed the continuation of the Barnett Formula in its present guise, ripping-off English voters and throwing truckloads of English money over Hadrian’s Wall. All three signed that appalling pledge just before the referendum promising the Scots almost anything they wanted. Well I didn’t and I intend to speak up for England.

“And none of them will guarantee that only English MPs will vote on English laws in the next parliament, meaning that any new influx of SNP MPs will be able to dictate the governance of England. This is outright appeasement and it has got to stop.

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