Nigel Farage highlights HS2 on visit to Aylesbury

Published Mar 13, 2015

B_-Z0EdXEAAtBYl.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage today visited our candidate in Aylesbury, Chris Adams, for the official opening of Aylesbury Vale HQ. Nigel Farage also unveiled our latest poster which where we pledge to stop HS2 before it runs out of control.

Only UKIP opposes the HS2 project which will cost over £70 billion. Instead of cutting the journey time from London to Birmingham by under half an hour we could upgrade transport infrastructure across the country for a fraction of the cost.

B_-bLRxU8AEVMgF.jpgCommenting on his visit Nigel Farage said, “I’m here not just to support Chris Adam’s campaign but also the campaign across Buckinghamshire which we are fighting not just at the parliamentary elections, but also very seriously at a local level too.

“It’s a county in which we have had some considerable success on the county council, some considerable success on some of the district councils so we have got a record that we have been building up.

“We know it’s a very blue county and we know that in this constituency Mr Lidington has a very big majority, however there are some very big issues that I think voters are going to think about before they vote on May 7.

With regard to HS2, Nigel said, "We are the only party that is completely opposed to HS2 and we have been from day one, not just because it spoils Buckinghamshire – that’s important – but because the economics of it don’t make any sense to us at all.

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