No separate deal for Scotland, so let's get on with making Brexit a success

Published Dec 21, 2016


Scotland is heading towards disaster if First Minister Nicola Sturgeon continues to believe that a separate Brexit deal is available to her, says UKIP Leader in Scotland David Coburn MEP.

Following Nicola Sturgeon's speech outlining her wish list for a Brexit Scotland, Mr Coburn said: "Not content with giving Scotland a 'Dignitas' budget, her Brexit plans are so catastrophic that even Charles Grant, one her senior advisers on Brexit  has announced that Scotland cannot stay in the single market and her plans are unrealistic.

"To add insult to injury many of her Standing Council on Europe advisory committee agree with him.

"From the European perspective, when I spoke to Martin Schulz, President of the EP, directly after he had a courtesy meeting with the First Minister, he was absolutely clear that there was no deal with Scotland, there could not be a separate deal with Scotland. As he said to me: "Scotland entered the EU with the UK and will leave with the UK".

"It is clear that Ms Sturgeon is is as clueless about international relations as she is with Home economics.  

"All this self inflicted controversy is merely causing confusion and instability which only threatens Scottish jobs and prosperity.

"Having lost the independence referendum, the SNP are now intent on independence by accident through continuous demands for more powers to be transferred from Westminster to Holyrood. Sturgeon is determined to keep excessive EU regulation while the rest of the UK throws off the burden of bureaucracy and deregulates. This is neither in the interest of the Scottish people nor businesses.

"It does however serve the SNP agenda as a divergence of regulation in Scotland from the UK would mean that extensive powers would have to be devolved to Holyrood."

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