No surprise at list of least integrated towns, says Jane Collins

Published Jan 28, 2016

jane-collins.jpgUKIP MEP Jane Collins has said there should be "no surprise" that four Yorkshire towns have been listed in the ten least-integrated places in the country.

Bradford, Batley, Halifax and Keighley were all included in the research by the Policy Exchange think tank making Yorkshire the region with the most number of entries ahead of Lincolnshire and Lancashire.

“This is a clear signal that multiculturalism has failed and that we need to think again” said Mrs Collins.

"But given the total disregard for the law shown by some sections of these communities and the revelations of ongoing sexual abuse by Pakistani gangs on young white girls, we shouldn't be surprised that there are serious problem in some of our towns and communities.

"Prof Ted Cantle reported on Bradford ten years after the riots and said the city remained, “One of the most deeply segregated in the country.”

“Those of us who know the area could have told them that: there are parts of the city that are no go areas for non-muslims. In England, that is unacceptable.

“One former resident I recently spoke to described how his wife could not get served in some shops; was verbally abused and spat at in the street while living in the same area as the Bradford riots took place.”

"Only yesterday we heard from Trevor Phillips who said that Muslim communities did not integrate unlike other groups including Afro-Caribbeans, Sikhs and Indians.

“My experience campaigning in Rotherham and Yorkshire as a whole, has made it crystal clear that some communities think of themselves as separate: that’s why they did not tell the authorities about the ongoing child sexual abuse, instead choosing to keep silent.”

"The only way to bring about an end to this is to jack in the policy of multiculturalism and make people who live in Britain live under our laws and integrate into our society."

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