Nominations open for Party Leader candidates

Published Oct 17, 2016

Our Party Chairman Paul Oakden writes, 

At a meeting of our National Executive Committee this afternoon, the process was agreed for selecting who will become the new Leader of UKIP.

These next few weeks will be incredibly important, in deciding which direction our party will now travel. We know that our grassroots are now optimistically looking forward to getting behind our new Leader.

Having listened to the concerns of members during our last leadership election, this process is not only designed to be efficient and speedy, it is also designed to give as many members as possible the opportunity to put their name forward. It will also seek to ensure that those members applying have the requisite commitment before submitting their application form.

We are now inviting members to apply, which they can do by clicking here.

Husting events will take place during the first two weeks of November which will be advertised in a later communication.

Ballots will be sent to members shortly after 11th November and we will be announcing who will be our new Leader on Monday 28th November.

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