Not bad for SMEs, but not so good for the Countryside

Published Nov 23, 2017

Ernie Warrender, the UKIP small business spokesman welcomed the fact that the Chancellor has listened to the arguments against lowering the VAT threshold as "we have always felt the biggest impact of such a change would be on the Elderly, single parents, disabled who rely on small businesses to repair their car, fix a leak, carry out repairs and a 20%+ price hike on the small business satisfying this need would have been crippling on the 'wrong' type of households. We note, however he has left the door open to this change in 2 years time.

"We also welcome vans being exempt from the diesel tax hike.

"Housing. The planning system is bust. Mr Hammond should try using it. It adds thousands of pounds unnecessarily to the end product, because of delays and inefficiency. The Government should put its own house in order before legislating against the private sector.

"The ability to charge full council tax on unoccupied buildings MUST have some exemptions. Take the elderly person ‘imprisoned’ in our health system and taken from their house. Are they to be further penalised?

"Why is the tax free personal allowance not set at the National living wage? It either is the minimum, or it is not, it has long been our ambition to move towards taking those on the minimum wage out of income tax altogether, that remains our ambition"..

"Growth forecast downgraded. On the advice of whom? Discredited Economic ‘Remain’ bias experts? With a further 600,000 people to be in work, what will they be doing?

"There appears to be nothing specifically in the Budget to address the potential skills shortage so bemoaned by Remainers. No mention of the Apprentice schemes that urgently need upgrading.

"Overall a positive budget for Business but less so for the Countryside as most initiatives seem urban based, in particular the housing initiatives do nothing to address the shortages and poor development programs in the Countryside with the planning process not fit for purpose."

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