Now even the EU admit open borders are a threat

Published Apr 06, 2016

MikeHookam.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has welcomed the report from the EU border agency FRONTEX which admits that the migration crisis has made it easier for terrorists to enter the EU saying "the truth about our safety and security is more important than protecting the feelings of the political establishment."

Mr Hookem, who was attacked for pointing out that the terror attacks in Brussels were a consequence of free movement and lax security checks, said the report by the agency into the Paris attacks, carried out by groups linked to the Brussels killers, "Was yet more proof that we are safer off outside the European Union."

"Those who immediately pointed out that the EU's open borders were a security threat faced abuse from all sides in a knee jerk reaction by detractors despite the causes of this hideous attack being quite obvious from the outset," the MEP said.

"It stands to reason that with no checks or penalties in place for those making false declarations there will be an increase in numbers of people who wish us harm making use of the migrant crisis to get into the EU and crossing its internal borders freely."

"It also means that home grown Jihadis who have been allowed to live in extremist ghettos can move around without attracting suspicion and spread their message of hate and pass on the skills they have learnt from travelling overseas to places like Syria to cause their carnage."

Intelligence has linked perpetrators of both attacks to terror cells with members who have crossed back and forth to Syria, people with false documentation and even suspected terrorist sympathisers freely travelling across EU 'internal borders' between Brussels and Hungary. Shortly after the terror attacks in Brussels the Turkish President Erdogan said one of the suspects had been deported from Turkey and both Belgium and the Netherlands warned he was a "foreign fighter".

Steven Woolfe MEP, UKIP's Migration spokesman added:

"Mrs Merkel and her EU friends have sacrificed the security of the European people, for their beloved dream of a Federal Europe. For those of us who have to follow the migration issue on a professional basis, these numbers and issues have been well understood for sometime. But now even the EU's own border security force are speaking up about the disruptive and violent ramifications for the peace of Europe's towns and cities of Mrs Merkel's disastrous open door migration policies.

"Actions have consequences. We, as a nation, must understand the severity of the EU's open border policy on the safety and security of people in Europe and the UK. At a time where international terrorism is spreading, strong borders are a staple of any nations security. Above all else, the EU has taken away a nation's right to check and control who is entering there country.

"The long term effects of this level of migration on the UK are startling and severe. After five years, migrants accepted in EU countries on the continent have the right to come here to settle under the EU's free movement of people rules. We, in the UK have a unique opportunity, to put direct democracy into action and leave the European Union. The protection and security of it's people is the primary responsibility for any government. A vote to leave, is a vote for strong borders in a very uncertain world."


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