OECD history is packed with erroneous predictions, they should keep to facts not ideology

Published Oct 17, 2017

The OECD has released another report on Brexit, and yet again it is full of blood curdling predictions of doom.

UKIP Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten MEP said in response:

“The international Remain campaign is ramping up. Given the OECD’s history packed with erroneous predictions it’s surprising that anyone currently takes it seriously.

The OECD has allowed political ideology to triumph over economic facts for too long.

Brexit is here to stay, it would be better if economic organisations accepted that fact and prepared for what is going to happen instead of trying to roll back the British peoples’ democratic vote .”

The OECD has announced variously that the UK would have been better off in the Euro, that Brexit would cause instant economic apocalypse and a plague of locusts. This latest report should be taken as seriously as the last ones were.

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