Officials forced to act over job ads that exclude Britons

Published Feb 17, 2016

express-467265.jpgA foreign jobs row erupted after dozens of vacancies on a Government-backed recruitment site required applicants to speak Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian. Agencies are free to advertise for work with language requirements where it is "necessary for the role". But an investigation by the Daily Express found companies were actively seeking security guards, cleaners, customer service advisors and teaching assistants fluent in languages other than English. One advert on the Universal Jobmatch site even stressed it was "essential" an experienced painter and decorator was able to converse in Polish.

After being made aware of a string of adverts which appeared to put against British workers at a disadvantage the Department for Work and Pensions said: "We are looking into the cases and will contact employers where necessary."

UKIP Employment Spokesman Jane Collins MEP who has been involved with the Daily Express investigation since the beginning said: "The EU wants all member states to be one big job market and that is why we see jobs for 'Romanian speakers' or painters and decorators who must speak Polish.

"The DWP says they will make sure jobs advertised on their websites don't break the law but the whole point of requiring another language fluency for a job in Britain isn't breaking any EU law: it's a discrimination loophole. If we want to put British workers first, like the steel workers across the country made redundant because of green tariffs and EU trade incompetence, we need to govern our own country.

"'Project Fear' will tell you that we need the EU for job: in fact the EU need us for jobs and it is why we must support Brexit."

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