Ofsted must inspect all UK madrassas

Published Dec 14, 2017

Ofsted appears to be using its Annual Report to launch a power grab with an attack on home schooling and 'conservative values' taught by faith schools.

David Kurten AM, the UKIP Education spokesman said, "What the report does not make clear is that the majority of failing faith schools are Muslim schools. It tries to conflate Christian and Jewish schools with Muslim schools where there are real problems. The vast majority of faith schools are Christian schools which often teach that marriage is between a man and a woman according to their faith. The idea of 'modern British values' has been used for several years to advance progressive left wing ideologies in schools while ignoring the real issues present in many Islamic schools, where materials have been found advocating domestic violence against women.

"Ofsted inspects about 23,000 schools of which 22,000 are state schools and 1,000 are independent schools. The vast majority of faith schools it inspects are state schools for which no specific data is given on faith schools, but it claims 48% of independent faith schools are failing. The rate for Muslim schools is even higher at 58% and the majority of failing independent faith schools are Muslim schools.

"The report however makes no mention of the suspected 2,000 madrassas connected to mosques where children are often taught that Britain is 'Dar al Harb' (a land of rebellion), British people are 'kuffir', and to practice taqiyya (show friendship to unbelievers but hate them in your heart).

"The government and Ofsted should stop attacking Christian and Jewish schools and worried parents with conservative values, and start by ensuring that all madrassas are legal and all teachers and workers in madrassas have a proper DBS check.

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