On the Carlyle report: "We cannot have in Government a party controlled by an Army Council" says UKIP Northern Ireland's David McNarry

Published Oct 20, 2015

mcnarry-ukip.jpgUKIP Leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry MLA says: "The Carlyle Report is everything UKIP predicted it would be. A sop to Sinn Fein and the Provo’s letting the DUP off the hook. This report allows both parties to cobble together their existence on the back of clever words, but without real substance”.

“Let me say paramilitarism has no place in a resurgent Northern Ireland. The IRA cannot exist in any shape or form nor can it be legalised. Loyalist groups have at least openly declared their intentions, but it remains to be seen how effective their actions will be.

“As with the Loyalists, so too must the IRA declare their intentions openly. Their reluctance to do so suggests a hidden agenda.

“Politically the DUP and Sinn Fein deserve each other in Government, contriving to pass orders down to the Alliance and the SDLP. The UUP are now a spent outfit, impotent as an opposition. None of these parties inspire the voters or give them confidence.

“People are crying out for a fresh approach in politics in Northern Ireland and can see in UKIP a party delivering Leadership through real principles and integrity. UKIP are winning broad support because we say what many ordinary people are thinking. 

"Carlyle has told us nothing we didn’t already know. Slapping down of criminality shouldn’t be trumpeted as some dramatic outcome it should be regarded as the normal state of affairs, not a sop to political opportunism.

“We are ready for an election anytime. We have already selected 15 Stormont candidates. We offer a viable alternative to stale sectarian ranting and we are ready to test the DUPs stranglehold over the Unionist electorate. They walked out the back door but want to return through the revolving front door. And doing so with the Provo’s still being able to murder on our streets. Yet according to the Report somehow the IRA doesn’t exist. The public just don’t buy it.

“Let the voters decide on the performance of the parties in Government – let them decide for themselves what it takes to govern Northern Ireland properly on behalf of all of the people who live here

We cannot have in government a party controlled by an army council

“UKIPs role will be to deliver on a mandate of keeping others honest – UKIP lead where others fail; we call it as it is."

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