On the up: Where UKIP is set to make gains over the next 5 years

Published May 10, 2015

As the dust settles after this year's General Election UKIP members and supporters who may feel disappointed that our tremendous national vote share of 12%, up 10% since 2010, and total vote, just over 3.8 million votes, did not translate into more seats in Parliament should take heart in the fact that those results combined with our local election results gives us a firm foundation upon which to build.

Up and down the country we have seen many more Councillors elected, UKIP Council Groups formed and we have also convincingly taken control of Thanet District Council, the first Council to have a UKIP majority, which will be sure to be of huge media interest in the months and years ahead.

The noted academic Matthew Goodwin has done an analysis of the results which shows positive increase in our vote share throughout the country. In London our vote share went up 6%, in the South West 9.5%, the South East 10.9%, East Midlands 12.2%, Eastern England 12.4% and in Yorkshire 13.8%.

This tallies with the 120 second places we gained in the General Election where increasingly we are the opposition to Labour in the North and the opposition to the Conservatives in the South. 

All of this indicates that with some hard work and your continued support UKIP is set to make gains throughout the country over the next 5 years. Will you you join us us on this journey to make a better Britain? 

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