Only outside the EU can we decide British laws on alcohol labelling

Published May 31, 2016

Louise_Bours_MEP.jpgIt has been reported that lobbyists are having an influence on official alcohol safety limits. But the EU has banned minimum alcohol pricing and just objected to Ireland introducing alcohol labelling laws.
Responding UKIP Health spokeswomen Louise Bours MEPs said:"Anybody worried about the influence of lobbyists should come to Brussels where there are 15,000 of them working for mainly large corporations.

"But an even more important issue before we ask is a specific law good or bad,  is the question of 'Who finally decides the law?'

"The European Court of Justice forbade the Scottish Parliament from introducing a minimum price on alcohol a few months ago.

"And just yesterday we learn that 11 EU states and the European Commission have objected to the Republic of Ireland from introducing a law regarding labelling for alcohol and calories in drinks.
"When a state does not have a final say over which laws can be introduced for the benefit of its people, most political debate is empty sound and fury.

"Only outside the EU can the British Parliament take back control to decide its own laws."

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