Only UKIP is trusted to deal with migration


trustedd3.pngA Press Association survey shows that UKIP is the only political party trusted by the public to deal with immigration. The results, released the same day as the latest quarterly immigration statistics, found that 30% of the public support UKIP, 13% Labour, 12% Tories and 4% support the Lib Dems.

Steven Woolfe MEP, the UKIP Migration Spokesman welcomed the figures: "It is clear from these figures that there is only one party trusted to deal with the immigration crisis in Britain today, and that party is UKIP. Those that support UKIP on migration now outnumber the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems put together.

"Despite attempts by the political establishment to close down debate on this issue during the election, it is clear that two thirds of the country are concerned about the level of inward migration.

"The fact is that a simple points based Australian system, where people are treated equally and fairly and where this country decides who can come to the country, is what this country is crying out for."

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